1. Elton John Visiting in Armenia
    Elton John has arrived in Yerevan. The singer is in Yerevan for a charity project implemented by the American Starkey Company which produces hearing aids, informed.
    00:22 28/05/2018
  2. Football Year Starts at Zvartnots
    This year is a football year. The 21st FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia in about twenty days.
    16:54 22/05/2018
  3. Chief of Police Invited Son of Imprisoned Shant Harutiunyan to His Place
    "We, as citizens of free and triumphant Republic of Armenia, had a heartfelt and warm meeting with the Chief of Police of Armenia and his family," Shahen wrote.
    18:22 14/05/2018
  4. Lydian is facing a collapse in Amulsar mine. AEF
    One can conclude this judging by the comments that can be found on Toronto Stock Exchange page of Lydian International offshore company.
    11:32 10/05/2018
  5. Serj Tankian Returned Where He and the Youth Had Started
    This is another Serzh, do not reject him, the internet users joked commenting on Serj Tankian’s visit.
    23:27 07/05/2018
  6. Volunteer Group from UWC Dilijan Building a Home with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia
    This May a multinational volunteer group from UWC Dilijan again joined the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia bringing dedication and readiness to give a helping hand to a needy family
    12:34 07/05/2018
  7. Serj Tankian Comes to Yerevan on May 7
    The candidate for prime minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan informed on his Facebook page that Serj Tankian will arrive in Yerevan on May 7.
    10:51 06/05/2018