Seaside Startup Summit in India has launched

  • Society - 07 March 2018, 11:30
March 6, 2018. The very first Seaside Startup Summit in India has officially started. After the success of Seaside Startup Summit UAE, Ras Al Khaimah on February 8-12, the event enlarged its geography by moving to Goa.  More than 300 attendees gathered together in Cabo De Rama beach to celebrate another big step towards the development of the Global Startup Ecosystem. Startups, Investors, Speakers, and Mentors from all over the world became a part of this amazing initiative.

On the first day of the Summit the participants dedicated their time to the settling process, meeting each other, and getting familiar with the territory of the Summit.  

The major event of the day was the Grand Opening Ceremony. All the participants, organizers, and staff members of the Summit came around the Big Stage to celebrate the start of Seaside Startup Summit India, Goa. Moreover, the participants got an opportunity to get familiar with the agenda and mission of the Summit. The attendees were introduced to the rules and regulations of the camp.

During the ceremony the Chairman of Startup India Foundation Mr. Anil Chhikara, Founder of Startup Armenia Foundation Mr. Hakob Hakobyan who jointly organized the Seaside Startup Summit India.Goa gave their welcome speeches from the Big Stage of the Summit. Both of them shared their warm and motivative thoughts regarding organizational process of the Summit. Moreover, the participants got to know the history and the roots of cooperation between Armenian and Indian organizations. Moreover, the CEO and Managing Director at KGS Advisor which is the co-organizer of the event Ms. Tripti Shingal expressed her positive thoughts and attitude towards the event.

Seaside Startup Summit India. Goa is a unique Startup event in a form of a tent camp which aims to create a platform for Startups to meet potential partners, get investments, gain new knowledge, learn about Indian and Global Market, and of course, have a lot of fun. During the 6 days of the Summit the participants get an opportunity to make valuable connections, exchange knowledge and experience with other people, share a mode of life, and participate in workshops, panel discussions and battles.