By Arresting Lapshin Azerbaijan Boosted Tourism to Artsakh

  • Society - 25 December 2017, 18:41
The arrest of the blogger Alexander Lapshin, a citizen of Russia and Israel, by the Azerbaijani authorities produced the adverse effect because in 2017 the number of visitors to Artsakh increased significantly compared with 2017, Lapshin writes, Armenpress informed.

“The passing 2017 was not an easy year for me because I spent almost 9 months of it in prison for visiting Artsakh. I had to go deep into the filthy actions of the Azerbaijani clans, learn about the vices of the Aliyev family, travel by the personal jet of the wife of the sultan of Baku, see and hear the fights for power and oil dollars in this Muslim country. Their racism and hatred is not only against Armenians for the Artsakh conflict but generally anyone of other confessions,” Lapshin said.

He says the paradox is that the purpose of the court case of Azerbaijan against him was to frighten the world, in 2017 the number of visitors to Artsakh doubled compared with the previous year. “Among them were my friends from the Baltic states, Alexander Alimov and Ivar Utinas from Latvia and Slava Gorbunov from Lithuania. They have made a wonderful film about this wonderful place, its culture, people, nature, monuments of architecture. Watch it, I am sure that you will also want to be there,” Lapshin wrote.