I'd Go to Baku in a Tank and Ask Aliyev to Keep Away from Armenians: Scandal at Russian TV Show

  • Society - 29 November 2017, 23:38
Aravot.am: During the TV show Time will Show on the Russian First Channel the EU-Armenia agreement was discussed. A heated argument began between the Pole political scientist Tomasz Maciejczuk and other participants of the show on Artsakh. Maciejczuk said Artsakh is Armenian territory and it is twofaced of Russia to sell weapons to both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“By the way, I don’t worry that after my statements  will not go to Turky, Belarus, Azerbaijan. By the way, I would like to go to Baku in a tank and politely ask Aliyev to stay away from the Armenians who have undergone so much evilness from their neighbors in the past 100 years, including a horrid genocide,” Maciejczuk said.

The dialogue between the journalist Maxim Shevchenko and Tomasz Maciejczuk was as follows:

“Max, tell me please, is Armenia your ally or enemy?”

“The part of the Armenians who are Russia’s ally are our ally, and the part of Armenians who are your ally, are our enemy.”

“Whom does Karabakh belong?”

“Karabakh is Azerbaijan’s territory, and the destiny of Karabakh must be decided with the mediation of Moscow, Ankara and Tehran.”

“And I, as a Pole, will say that Karabakh, Artsakh, is Armenia, therefore Armenia will be with us. Armenia will be our ally, not yours, because you the Russians sell weapons to Azerbaijanis. Azerbaijanis kill Armenians. This is hypocrisy.”