Monsanto Is Evil Corporation: Serj Tankian's Facebook Post

  • Society - 03 November 2017, 19:52
Serj Tankian has called Armenia to stay free from Monsanto, an American corporation.

He made a Facebook post following a business meeting on agriculture the U.S. Embassy organized with the Armenian ministry of agriculture and HSBC on November 1. The purpose was to present the experience of Valmont and Monsanto, their products and technology to Armenian companies.

“Armenia please please stay free and clear of Monsanto. There is ample proof that Monsanto's sprays have poisoned our environment contributing drastically to dying off of bees. Their predatory genetically modified products spell the end of pure organic foods. They are bad for you and taste horrible to say the least. Above all Monsanto is known as an evil corporation here in the US and Europe for all their practices, suing farmers etc. There is no going back from genetically modified products as they cannot be contained. When I'm in Armenia and bite into an apple, it's pure, crisp and delicious. From thousands of years of agriculture and cultivation. Let it remain so, please. I can't find apples like that in the US thanks to Monsanto,” Tankian writes.