Awarding the honorary title "Donor of the Year" in Shirak Center

  • Society - 26 October 2017, 11:44
From this year onwards Shirak Center awards the title "Donor of the Year" to people, who have played a major role in supporting the needy and alleviating poverty.

The award ceremony will be held annually.

The names of the awardees will be engraved in Armenian and English on the wall of "Aghbyur Nvirumi (Source of donation)" erected in the yard of "Shirak Center". The following message is on the symbolic wall: "Their belief is to help the poor, to lighten the burden of life, to make their dreams of a safe day come true... Shirak Center."

In recent years Shirak Center has been supporting Gyumri homeless and needy families, their children as well as lonely elderly people thanks to major contributions of four people. Hence, in 2017, Shirak Center will make an exception and award the honorable title "Donor of the Year” to four people. They are Armenian-American benefactors Herman Hintirian, Vardan Nazaryan, German-Armenian benefactor Albert Sevins and benefactor Gagik Tsarukyan.

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