Opposition Leaves Kenya Election Negotiations

  • Society - 06 October 2017, 14:05

On September 28, 2017, Kenya’s opposition left talks with the Jubilee Party. In such a way they protest of all projected changes to Kenya’s electoral law ahead of October re-election.

According to the official proposals by Uhuru Kenyatta, the Jubilee Party wanted the Supreme Court not to be able to cancel the results of upcoming elections because of errors with the electronic transmission of results as the Supreme Court did on September 1.

With his interview with journalists, James Orengo, the opposition senator, told that the opposition could not afford such a rude constitutional changes which would prevent Kenyans from making a democratic choice.

As we have already informed, on August 8, the Supreme Court canceled the voting results after Raila Odinga, the opposition leader, protested. He stated that the computers of the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission were hacked to make a victory for Mr. Kenyatta.

The current president called such opposition`s decision a “legal coup.”

New elections will take place on October 26. However, if several key officials of the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission are not removed, the opposition threatened a boycott. Moreover, Odinga called for the replacement of the company, which is responsible for the work of the electronic voting system.

The Jubilee Party has recently proposed two new bills. According to them, the manually transmitted results must prevail if there is a difference between the electronically and manually transmitted results. Therefore, the opposition leader immediately called Kenyans to protest and oppose the laws that grossly violate the constitution of the state.