MMM Nigeria Stopped Bonuses and Announced New Strategy

  • Society - 19 September 2017, 14:53

Millions of Nigerians keep on hoping they will become rich due to participating in various Ponzi schemes.

One of the most influential ones announces about an entirely new strategy which disappointed plenty of Nigerians.

The notorious Ponzi scheme, MMM Nigeria, has recently announced about new strategy which immediately stopped the growth of Mavros and bonuses enrollment.

MMM stated that they had listened to their investors` opinions and used the most reasonable suggestions at once. Therefore, the company will put an end to the increase of confirmed Mavros issued before the 1st of January 2017.

All bonuses which we gained before January 1, 2017, will be frozen. According to the new strategy, the amount of withdrawal will not surpass the triple amount of the provided help. It means that GH is not able to surpass PH more than in three times.

Plenty of MMM participants withdraw their bonuses in massive amounts without PH that it really frightens the stability of the entire system. So, MMM asked investors to keep on sending their proposals, which will undoubtedly be taken into consideration.

Many participants of this Ponzi scheme are sure that such changes are reasonable, while the others consider them a serious threat for their money.

MMM returned on Nigerian market on January 13, 2017. Since that time they have been doing their best to gain the confidence of investors. Many people have already lost the belief that they could return their money. There were even cases when people committed suicide because they borrowed money to invest in MMM but failed to return them.