1 million dollar to AUA Students from Aurora Initiative

  • Society - 17 March 2017, 11:56
Students from five Middle Eastern countries will receive scholarships to study at the American University of Armenia between now and 2023, as part of the Aurora Gratitude Projects.

March 17, 2017, Yerevan, Armenia – The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative in cooperation with Scholae Mundi Armenia will grant scholarships to students from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt to study at the American University of Armenia (AUA). This scholarship fund (US $1 mln) is created as part of the Aurora Gratitude Projects.

The scholarships are for citizens of the above-mentioned countries, who wish to pursue the following degrees: BSc in Computer Science, Engineering Science, Data Science (starting 2018), Master of Public Health, Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering & Systems Management, Master of Science in Computer & Information Science, Economics, Strategic Management, Master of Political Science & International Affairs, and Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

“Armenia has a potential to become a global educational hub and we encourage the engagement of young people from the Middle East to come and study in Armenia.This scholarship offers opportunities to talented youth who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by wars in their region. We believe that it makes an impact not only on these young people who come to the country and benefit from its hospitality and qualitative education but enrich AUA community with highly motivated international students who will become ambassadors of Armenia and its culture in the future. The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, thus not only offers scholarships to individual students, but also expresses gratitude to the nations who were the first to open their doors to offer a helping hand to the survivors of the Armenian Genocide,” said VeronikaZonabend, the co-founder of ScholaeMundi Armenia Foundation, and together with her husband Ruben Vardanyan, co-founder of the RVVZ Foundation which helped create the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and the Aurora Gratitude Projects.

“The American University of Armenia is extremely grateful to the creators of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, specifically Ruben Vardanyan and VeronikaZonabend, who through their immense generosity have created an opportunity not only for students from the countries that hosted Armenian refugees from the Genocide to study in Armenia, but also afforded AUA an opportunity to serve these students. Their presence on our campus will provide enhanced diversity and enrich the lives of all students. We are proud to be a part of this initiative and, through our educational programs, be able to express gratitude to the descendants of the people who sheltered Armenians during the most tragic part of their history,” said Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian, President of the American University of Armenia.

The recipients will continue to receive the scholarships throughout their study at AUA as long as they are in good academic standing. The scholarship will cover tuition fees, travel and housing costs of the students. The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and Scholae Mundi Armenia have committed to granting the scholarship through the year 2023.

Scholae Mundi Armenia Foundation continues to support the Aurora Gratitude Scholarship program which initiates humanitarian and educational projectsto help children, refugees and other vulnerable citizens in the Middle East. On behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors, the descendants of the survivors of the Genocide transform their gratitude into action by helping with educational initiatives and scholarships, grants to humanitarian projects and promoting public awareness of humanitarian efforts. The scholarship programs of the Aurora Gratitude Projects are valued at US $7 million.  

About the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative

Founded on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative seeks to empower modern-day saviors to offer life and hope to those in urgent need of basic humanitarian aid and thus continue the cycle of giving internationally. The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is Gratitude in Action. It is an eight-year commitment (2015 to 2023, in remembrance of the eight years of the Armenian Genocide 1915-1923) to support people and promote projects that tackle the needs of the most helpless and destitute, and do so at great risk. This is achieved through the Initiative’s various programs: The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, the Aurora Dialogues, the Aurora Humanitarian Index, the Gratitude Projects and the 100 LIVES Initiative. The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is the vision of philanthropists Vartan Gregorian, NoubarAfeyan and Ruben Vardanyan who have, already in the second year, been joined by several dozen new donors and partners. The Initiative welcomes all who embrace a commitment to our shared humanity.

The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is represented by three organizations – Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Foundation, Inc. (New York, USA), the 100 Lives Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland) and the IDeA Foundation (Yerevan, Armenia). 


Further information is available at www.auroraprize.com  

About Scholae Mundi Armenia

Scholae Mundi Armenia Foundation is one of the three Charity Foundations (Scholae Mundi Armenia, Scholae Mundi Russia иScholae Mundi UK) that compound the Scholae Mundi Platform established by entrepreneurs and philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and VeronikaZonabend.

The mission of Scholae Mundi Armenia Foundation is to diversify the educational scene in Armenia by supporting the socially-oriented innovative projects and initiatives in the areas of education, arts and culture, to promote Armenia internationally and to strengthen the positive impact on the communities locally in Armenia and globally. Its current projects include development of the scholarship program to support further education of the UWC graduates in Armenia and abroad, in top world universities, as well as to make it possible for Armenian talented youth to participate in the programs of the Scholae Mundi Platform. The Foundation is also aimed at an establishment of an Educational Cluster in Dilijan that would unite the leading educational institutions in the region and develop the strongest synergy among them for the benefit of all the participants.

Scholae Mundi Platform promotes, on a non-for profit basis, the most advanced educational practices for the public benefit, while catalyzing wider social change, It particularly supports education of students at UWCDilijan College, an international IB school in Armenia, and other educational establishments mainly by providing funds for capital development and scholarships. The major focus of the Platform now includes expansion of the partners’ network in the fields of education, research, training, and development in launching new internationally-recognized educational platforms, programs, and initiatives.