Tehmine Yenokyan Was Awarded Amalia Kostanyan Prize

  • Society - 12 December 2016, 23:25
Tehmine Yenokyan, the reporter of Lragir.am, has been awarded the annual Amalia Kostanyan prize 2015 for her professional, brave and principled coverage of #ElectricYerevan civil movement.

The prize was handed to her by the laureate of the prize in 2014 Lara Aharonyan, the head of Women’s Resource Center NGO.

The Amalia Kostanyan Award was established by Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center and Open Society Foundations Armenia. It is awarded to people who have been principled and brave and contributed to the development of the civil society.

Aalia Kostanyan established Transparency International Anti-Corruption in 2000. She was the chairman of the organization for one decade, until her untimely death in 2010.