Mathematician Rouben Ambartzumian celebrates his diamond jubilee today

  • Society - 28 October 2016, 10:59
Heartfelt congratulations to the world famous academician Rouben Ambartzumian on the occasion of his 75th anniversary, Mathematician, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor and Academician of Armenian Academy Rouben Ambartzumian was born in Elabuga, Tatarstan in the family of Victor and Vera Ambartzumians. He became a mathematician following the unconditional advice of his father.

In 1962 he graduated from Moscow University to start the professional route in the Mathematical Institute of Armenian Academy and Yerevan State University. His scientific works are dedicated to stochastic geometry, combinatorial integral geometry and the theory of random processes.
He has solved a number of classical problems among which the solution to the Buffon-Sylvester problem and an independent solution to Hilbert’s fourth problem in dimensions two and three. He is the founder of a new combinatorial branch in mathematics wile his works are widely recognized by the mathematical society as a significant contribution to the foundations of integral geometry. He was the first to suggest factorization method in geometrical probability.

His awards count ARC CC price in 1965, R. Davidson price of the Cambridge University in 1982, medal of Anania Shirakaci in 2013.
Rouben Ambartzumian has given courses in the best universities of the USA, Canada, India, Italy, Israel, France and Switzerland.
For about twenty years the brilliant scientist was the chief editor of the Journal of Contemporary Mathematical Analysis of the Armenian Academy. His efforts were essential in obtaining wide international recognition for the Journal. This supported  Armenian mathematics in a difficult time for the country.
Mathematics is not his single interest.
Presently he collaborates with the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) on creation of artificial glaciers and snow reservoirs on Mount Aragats   “Freezwater” is a water conservation project, aiming to provide irrigation water to the agricultural zones on the mountain. The project has an international aspect in the context of global warming.
In 2015 his book “Wilsonian Armenia” was published in Germany. It is a research that opens new opportunities for objective analysis of processes in history.
At present Academician Rouben Ambartzumian works in Russian-Armenian(Slavonic) University, where he designed a special course to share his knowledge with the future mathematicians.

We wish him new achievements and discoveries, accomplishment of his multi-faceted endeavors and new awards.