At Last

  • Society - 15 August 2016, 13:10
After 13 days of etho-cultural demonstrations on Freedom Square of Yerevan or as one of the speakers said recital evenings, at last, an adequate appeal was made and goal was set on the political agenda of Armenia – decolonization and sovereignty of Armenia. This was declared to be the purpose and direction of the political struggle.

The idea was uttered by the member of the armed group Varuzhan Avetisyan on the day of laying the weapons down. It was a surprise at first, considering that the PPS regiment put forth other demands during the two weeks while it kept the regiment. In fact, the demands were uncertain both there and on the platform formed outside the regiment, which continued during the “recital evenings” on Freedom Square.

What happened on July 17 and afterwards may become known over time. What is important is that the fundamental issue of Armenia was defined, instead of false targets and ideas, as Tigran Khzmalyan put it, which do not lead anywhere.

Igor Muradyan says this statement was too late, and if it had been announced in the beginning, the situation may have been different.

Have the public moods changed? So far, for example, several dozens of people gathered in front of the Russian embassy when the problem is about the policy of that country on Armenia, while several thousands of people attend the “recital evenings”.

Will this idea be popular with the public at large which has, actually demonstrated its indifference to the country’s sovereignty? In addition, the majority of the so-called political parties and the mass media are actually pursuing the interests of Russia in Armenia.

Will people take to the street for this idea?

It should be noted, however, that public moods are changing, and people have started realizing this situation. Several factors have been helpful, namely the April war. There is also experience – the movement of 1988 – which actually was incomplete and did not make the country’s independence irreversible.

At that time, however, the opportunities and resources were bigger.

25 years have passed, the time of a political generation, which was unable to resolve this issue. There is no need to itemize. The country is facing the need to restore sovereignty without solving any problems. This is the meaning of the political struggle in Armenia.

Do the organizers of the demonstration have a clear plan and mechanisms to start and proceed with this process and will they follow this trail? This is a complicated and hard work which has been avoided by political and economic “elites”, preferring spontaneous vested interests and forming certain “traditions” which will not be easy to smash. In Armenia, there is no other purpose for political struggle.