A Surprise: the Courage to Leave the Cave

    • Society - 14 August 2016, 16:46
During the discussion on the declaration of Shushi Igor Muradyan spoke about Russia’s role in the Karabakh process and the relating domestic events in Armenia. In his opinion, the issue should be viewed from this point of view because if the issue of the Armenian-Russian relations is not resolved – Armenia does not leave pro-Russian blocs and agreements – the other issues have no solution, in fact.

The film director Tigran Khzmalyan made an emotional and tough speech on this topic during the rally on Freedom Square, noting that our enemy is in the Kremlin, while the process in Yerevan has chosen false targets. If we respect Sasna Ts’rer, we should keep in mind their commandment  - this is a national liberation struggle for decolonizing the country. Any other slogan is false, any other thought is meaningless, he said.

Igor Muradyan says, for example, that a few people rally in front of the Russian embassy whereas several thousand people go to the ethno-cultural demonstrations in Yerevan.

Definitely, in such a situation any political plan on Armenia and Artsakh is achievable even if there is a change of government in Armenia. At worst, they will cause a big stir-fight in Yerevan and will hand the territories in the middle of that clamor, Igor Muradyan says.

These speeches did not get due acceptance. This is natural. This does not interest people. The Armenians are not a political nation, and even the armed group was named Sasna Ts’rer which has nothing to do with statehood, with politics. It is an ethno-cultural epic about people’s misery, justice and the heroism of individuals which ends up in a cave. The processes underway in Yerevan seem to proceed by this logic.

It should be noted for the sake of justice that after laying down the weapons one of the members of the armed group Varuzhan Avetisyan said this is a decolonization struggle. Alec Yenigomshyan also spoke about this in the rally. However, it is not quite clear from his speech against whom the fight against colonization is. There was a time when the same Founding Parliament avoided these questions, saying that they keep “neutrality”.

It is hard to tell what happened during the two weeks of the “armed rebellion” and why this issue was set after laying down the weapons. Has anything happened that was not part of the plan or had not been intended or is an attempt made to introduce a new element into the situation? Time may answer these questions, including those relating to the controversial situations.

Meanwhile, the “taboo” persists though Tigran Khzmalyan announced clearly that our enemy is in the Kremlin. They are afraid to utter the word Russia. In his press conference Alec Yenigomshyan uttered the name of this country with somewhat fear and reservations and during the demonstration he did not utter the name of this country at all.

The Armenian National Congress kept up its political rating with the slogan “Serzhik leave” because this is political “pop” that does not require much wisdom and effort. As soon as they “realized” that it is the slogan of staying of Serzh Sargsyan, they started cooperating with him.

One of the main slogans of the ongoing demonstrations and marches in Yerevan is still heard.

The struggle for decolonization is serious, it requires an adequate logic, adequate mechanisms of behavior and practice, i.e. responsibility. Freedom and independence are accessible to political nations, and this struggle is free from mythology, primitive understanding of the world and one’s own state.

The Armenian public wouldn’t want to listen about it for several reasons, and these reasons have nothing to do with the motivation and goals of a political nation.

For the time being, the epic and only the epic is everywhere, in the street, on the square, in public discussions, in the social networks, and it is not visible how the situation will change at this stage. And generally, is there such an issue or has the issue arisen unexpectedly?

At least, Varuzhan Avetisyan set the bar on time.