Pavlik Had Known Better

    • Society - 01 August 2016, 19:45
The statement Varuzhan Avetisyan made prior to the armed group laying down their rifles includes the following expression: “We feel that victory is close, we call on the Armenian people to accept this decision as a positive step. The womb of our people has not dried, we just gave a spark, people will continue. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. People moved slowly.”

In fact, the people’s rebellion was supposed to follow the action of the armed group. It is hard to tell whether the group had relied on this or whether it was the only continuation or not. At least, they say they opted for their self-sacrifice for this.

This event will be followed by long discussions in the public, different suggestions and options will be discussed, words of regret and admiration will be uttered and so on. There is no need to doubt that this is the only thing the Armenian people can do best.

This has been there since the first day of the action of the group, ranging from “professional and expert” verbiage to Facebook hysteria. The latter has become a unique public dimension which can devaluate any idea and thought.

The storming on Khorenatsi Street was followed by a drama on Freedom Square: the stage did not find its way in the existing situation. Occasional speeches and proposals can be pointed which were adequate to the step taken and the form and content of its continuation.

Instead, the armed group and its demands were forgotten immediately, for two weeks the “Armenian people”, as the leaders referred to the participants of the action, walked along the streets in Yerevan and maneuvered in the narrow streets of Sari Tagh, were beaten and swore. And the “demands” were adequate: food, telephone, medical aid to guys etc.

Meanwhile, Pavel Manukyan shouted from the premises of the Police Patrol Service: guys, we are not a scout camp. But who cared? An absurd situation occurred in which the meaning of the action of Sasna Ts’rer was distorted and devaluated, whether intentionally or not.

To be fair, it should be noted that the group also facilitated this because there was a lot of uncertainty regarding their demands and further actions.

In the meantime, the government was doing its job of rendering the group harmless with a cool head. The public had already rendered the group harmless in line with all the rules of the ethno-historical tradition.

It is interesting whether they had named the group so consciously. This ancient epic story about internal and external intrigues, people’s misery and the “one-time” act of the daredevils was unfolded in front of us in the course of two weeks.