Thousands of Dead Fish in the Hrazdan River

  • Society - 07 July 2016, 20:45
On 3 July 2016 the Armenian Eco Front Civil Initiative received an alert that there are a lot of dead fish in the Hrazdan River, the place called Korea Dzor. Before we could get there, the water had taken away and birds had eaten some of the fish but the scene was disastrous anyway. Witnesses say there were thousands of dead fish in the part of the river which were caught by our camera, Armenian Eco Front informs.

According to Armenian Eco Front, there have been numerous cases over the past few years but the real reasons for massive death of fish has not been found out. And the reasons might differ, ranging from water pollution to fishing with the use of electric current or chloride.

The civil initiative has reported this disaster to the Ministry of Environmental Protection expecting that measures will be taken to find out the reasons and to punish those guilty. They have taken samples of dead fish for study by relevant specialists.