An Interesting Episode, On Army Day

    • Society - 28 January 2014, 12:00
The first prime minister of the First Armenian Republic Hovhannes Kajaznuni’s son was killed in the battle of Gharakilisa in May 1918. The second son died in the fights at Zangibasar, in the summer of 1920.

The third sun was taken hostage during the surrender of Kars in October 1020. Kazim Karabekir took him as his driver because he was literate and good at mechanics. He tried to run away in his car. They caught him and sentenced him for life. When after the trial Karabekir learned that his driver was the son of the first prime minister of Armenia, he told him: “Your father was such a great person that he did not make any difference between his son and other Armenian soldiers and never did anything to relieve the situation of his son. I respect that person and I set his son free.”

Kajaznuni’s fourth son lived in Moscow and though he had tuberculosis he volunteered in the fall of 1941 together with thousands of intellectuals and was killed in the fights.

Kajaznuni was an engineer architect. In 1024 he returned to Soviet Armenia and taught at the University. In 1938 he was executed.

By the way, the son of the other prime minister of the First Republic was killed in the battle at Gharakilisa.

The founder of the First Republic Aram Manukyan died of a disease, he refused to take medicine and gave it away to the poor, he wore old shoes and clothes.

In extreme difficulty the founders and heads of the First Republic were able to build a state serving an example. They were aware of simple things – if we rely on ourselves, we will win. And they built the state. If they did not succeed, Armenia would not exist now.

The science of history, first under the Bolshevists, then the All-Armenian Movement, tried to show the “foolishness and short-sightedness” of these people and so on. The fact is that the First Republic was destroyed from inside, through different political groups and commanders hired by Moscow who disorganized the state institutions for the sake of the world revolution and friendship of peoples.

In other words, something similar to the ongoing situation was taking place then. In addition, the ARF currently also supports the “friendship of peoples”.