The First Bolt of System

  • Society - 15 April 2012, 17:57

Today 6 brigades of citizens dismantling the boutiques in Mashtots Park set to dismantle. The police hindered the lawful action of the citizens. The citizens were able to unscrew several bolts from the roof of one of the boutiques. In the photo is the first of these bolts.

Earlier the young environmentalists and activists were fighting day and night against the illegal construction of boutiques in the park. Their self-denial inspired the citizens who formed the first group of dismantlers to execute the demand of young people. The number of brigades of dismantlers is growing, and the loop around the illegal boutiques is getting tighter.

While the brother of the ex-mayor Gagik Beglaryan announced that he has no ownership in the park and the place of his boutique dismantled from Abovyan Street is not of principal importance to him, Mayor Taron Margaryan announced that if the owners agree, it is not principal to him. However, even in this case Taron does not mention the names of owners though it is self-evident. The sole author of the illegality in Mashtots Park is the mayor.

What is happening in Mashtots Park has gone beyond the dismantling action, transforming into a civil movement for the sake of establishment of Constitutional order and law enforcement. While the parties are busy with this clownery, the self-determined citizen of New Armenia – the highest value of independent state – emerged in Mashtots Park. This citizen does not want a government post and parliamentary seat, he will dismantle the vicious system to build New Armenia where the Constitution and the law will prevail, the elective system of forming government will be established, the interests of the state and citizen will prevail over the interests of certain groups.

The line runs across Mashtots Park, and on this side is the vision of New Armenia which is gradually becoming more and more tangible, and on that side is a grey, anti-state and anti-human dead system with its government and opposition, with black and white lines drawn between each other, with their “election” games.

The citizens give this first bolt to the bright and lively people of Armenia who have not been devoured by the grey system and who want to rid of this grey thing.