1. 37 Medics from U.S. Will Work in Rural Areas in Armenia for 10 Days
    John Garry, a doctor from Fresno, the United States and a group of doctors are arriving in Armenia to help people who need medical services, informed, Armenpress reported.
    00:48 15/06/2017
  2. Only 12% in Russia Consider Armenia a Friend
    Levada Center has conducted a survey to find out what countries the Russians consider their friends. Of 1600 respondents only 12% mentioned Armenia among Russia’s friends.
    23:46 05/06/2017
  3. Member of Bundestag Awarded Mkhitar Gosh Medal for Contribution to Genocide Recognition Cause
    The president of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has awarded the Mkhitar Gosh Medal to the member of Bundestag Christoph Bergner.
    23:35 29/05/2017
  4. Tom Catena: 2017 Aurora Prize Laureate
    The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative honors esteemed Catholic Missionary physician in war-torn Sudan for rekindling faith in humanity.
    21:39 29/05/2017
  5. New postage stamp dedicated to 2016 Aurora prize laureate Marguerite Barankitse
    On May 26th, 2017, “HayPost” CJSC has cancelled and put into circulation a postage stamp dedicated to the theme “Aurora humanitarian initiative.
    11:58 29/05/2017
  6. Temporary Successor of Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople
    Archbishop Aram Ateshyan, the temporary successor of the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople, has resigned, the Agos informed.
    21:36 26/05/2017
  7. AEF: Bears kept in captivity disappear after alerts to Armenia’s Ministry of Nature Protection
    In the last month the civil initiative Armenian Environmental Front is receiving a number of alerts on caged wild animals, particularly mentioning Red listed brown bears kept in cages at entertainment and recreational zones throughout Armenia
    15:41 13/05/2017
  8. Arpi Ghazaryan Winsthe Aurora Creative Contest
    Results of Aurora Creative Contest have been announced.
    15:59 01/05/2017
  9. Elon Musk Reveals His Vision of Underground Road System
    Elon Must has revealed his vision of underground roads in Los Angeles.
    21:58 29/04/2017
  10. 18 Survivors of Genocide Live in Armenia
    Ahead of the memorial day of the Armenian Genocide the world focused on The Promise, a historical drama that has successfully overcome the Turkish campaign in the world and in Armenia.
    22:24 24/04/2017