1. 1237 Photos and 184 Films for Aurora Competitions
    The application process of Aurora Short Film and Photo Competitions is over.
    15:35 22/03/2017
  2. 1 million dollar to AUA Students from Aurora Initiative
    Students from five Middle Eastern countries will receive scholarships to study at the American University of Armenia between now and 2023, as part of the Aurora Gratitude Projects.
    11:56 17/03/2017
  3. 652 Children Were Killed in Syria in 2016
    In 2016, 652 children were killed in Syria which is the highest rate since 2014, UNICEF states. The number of children killed in 2016 is up by 20% against 2015.
    21:33 13/03/2017
  4. How Georgia Greeted Its 6,000,000th Tourist
    Over 6 million tourists visited Georgia in 2016. Here is a video of how the 6,000,000th tourist was greeted.
    21:20 11/03/2017
  5. A new stamp dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Alexander Mantashian
    On March 3rd, 2017, “HayPost” CJSC has cancelled and put into circulation a postage stamp dedicated to the theme “175th anniversary of Alexander Mantashian”.
    16:24 03/03/2017
  6. Armenian civil society organizations’ call to the Diaspora
    With this open letter we, a group of civil society and human rights organizations from Armenia appeal to the Diaspora Armenians – individuals, organizations and non-formal groups - to take an active stance in the political life of Armenia.
    14:34 03/03/2017
  7. Introducing the Aurora Creative Contest Jury
    Aurora Creative Contest Jury has 6 members chaired by animator Gayane Martirosyan.
    11:54 23/02/2017
  8. An exchange focused on legislative process, governance and policymaking for young leaders
    The Professional Fellows Program provides six-weeks professional fellowship placements in the U.S., matched to your professional goals
    15:39 17/02/2017
  9. Breaking the Siege of Stepanakert: International Conference in Yerevan
    Today the international conference “Breaking the Siege of Stepanakert: 25 Years Later” kicked off in Yerevan organized by the Public Relations and Information Center of the president administration.
    22:04 15/02/2017
  10. Tehran's Bookstores
    The word “Enghelab” in Persian means revolution. Since the Islamic revolution a lot of streets and other public places in many cities in Iran were named “Enghelab”.
    22:55 06/02/2017