1. Armenian civil society receives €1.74 million for new activities
    European Union provides new support to Armenian Civil Society for activities to promote and protect human rights and active citizenship
    15:52 19/01/2018
  2. “35 Letters to My Son”: Azerbaijani journalist Zeynal Ibrahimov’s sensational book on sources of Armenophobia and Heydar Aliyev’s role
    On January 3 political narrative of migrated Azerbaijani journalist Zeynal Ibrahimov’s “35 Letters to My Son” appeared in print.
    13:57 15/01/2018
  3. Sevan Malakian wants to jump for Armenia at 2024 summer Olympics
    On December 7, 2017, Sevan Malakian, the young son of the great director Henri Verneuil (Mayrig), won the Jokey Club in Geneva.
    11:17 30/12/2017
  4. U.S. Embassy New Year Message to the People of Armenia
    U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills, Jr., and the staff of the Embassy in Yerevan sum up the achieves of the past 25 years and send their holiday greetings
    10:35 28/12/2017
  5. By Arresting Lapshin Azerbaijan Boosted Tourism to Artsakh
    The arrest of the blogger Alexander Lapshin, a citizen of Russia and Israel, by the Azerbaijani authorities produced the adverse effect because in 2017 the number of visitors to Artsakh increased significantly compared with 2017, Lapshin writes.
    18:41 25/12/2017
  6. Russian Sentiment in Armenia Continues to Decrease: Public Poll
    Caucasus Research Resource Center Armenia has published the Caucasus Barometer 2017 summing up the results of a survey conducted in the South Caucasus since 2004.
    01:03 24/12/2017
  7. Acid Mine Drainage in Amulsar and its Hazard․ Professor Armen Saghatelyan
    On December 12, 2017 alternative public expertise was carried out as a result of which negative ecological conclusion was given to possible gold mine exploitation with the use of cyanide in Amulsar.
    16:26 21/12/2017
  8. The applications for Sevan Startup Summit 2018 are now open
    Sevan Startup Summit is an annual tent camp business forum held first time in 2016. The aim of the Summit is to create a new type of a business platform, where the investors and startups are in the same level.
    15:40 19/12/2017
  9. Europe Supports Armenian Organic Producers to Explore the Middle East Market
    For the first time, under a joint pavilion “ORGANIC Armenia” 12 Armenian companies are presenting their Organic certified and Natural products at Organic & Natural Expo Middle East expo in Dubai
    17:45 13/12/2017
  10. Armenia’s International Community to Honour Rights Advocates
    Since 2012, the Universal Rights Awards Ceremony was the first initiative of the international community to highlight contributions of Armenia’s civil and political rights activists
    17:48 11/12/2017