1. Aurora Reveals the Key Findings of the Opinion Audit
    One in seven Armenians and one in twenty members of the general public are aware of the Aurora Prize, Aurora Opinion Audit reveals.
    15:33 18/01/2017
  2. Maggy for children: continuous impact of Aurora Prize
    2016 Aurora Prize Laureate, Marguerite Barankitse – founder of Maison Shalom and the REMA Hospital in Burundi –was offered the chance to nominate humanitarian organizations which would receive the Prize’s $1 million award.
    12:02 13/01/2017
  3. Head of Village Named a Street and Musical School after Himself
    Frontik Tevosyan, the head of the village of Nor Geghi, has named the main street and musical school of the village after himself, reported, whose reporter has talked to the head of village.
    14:18 10/01/2017
  4. George Micheal Died of Heart Failure
    George Michael died of heart failure at the age of 54, BBC reported, referring to the singer’s agent.
    23:13 26/12/2016
  5. Is Aurora Compatible with Amulsar Mining? Open letter to Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan - PAEF
    To the Founders of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, Members of Board of Directors of Ameriabank CJSC Noubar Afeyan, Ruben Vardanyan
    11:20 19/12/2016
  6. Cultural Relations Supported by Arts and English Language Teaching
    2016 was an exciting year for the British Council full of new projects and events. The year started off with the British Film Festival featuring seven films.
    13:25 15/12/2016
  7. Tehmine Yenokyan Was Awarded Amalia Kostanyan Prize
    Tehmine Yenokyan, the reporter of, has been awarded the annual Amalia Kostanyan prize 2015 for her professional, brave and principled coverage of #ElectricYerevan civil movement.
    23:25 12/12/2016
  8. Statistics of Day 1 of Earthquake: 20,000 Saved, 3900 Bodies Recovered from Rubble
    The rescue service in Armenia developed after the earthquake in Spitak. On the first few days following the earthquake there was no organization and rescue forces.
    20:16 07/12/2016
  9. New Disaster from Russia
    According to official statistics, Armenia is one of those 7 countries where the AIDS infection is not decreasing but increasing year by year.
    19:24 06/12/2016
  10. Open letter to Ban Ki-moon
    On November 30 the United Nations Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York hosted a dinner in honor of Ban Ki-moon, whose nine-year term as UN Secretary-General
    10:35 01/12/2016