U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard M. Mills, Jr.and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia Bless House in Aghavnatun Village

  • Society - 27 November 2017, 12:04
On November 25, 2017, U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard M. Mills, Jr., volunteers from the U.S. Embassy in Armenia,and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team visited the Petrosyan family in Aghavnatun village of Armavir region to share in the family’s happiness now that they residein their newly-built home.

Just a few months ago,Ambassador Mills and U.S. Embassy Helping Hands volunteers joined forces with the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia to help build a home for the Petrosyanfamily. The volunteers did tremendous work, including pouring concrete for the floors.

“Being able to contribute in a meaningful way to the daily life of this Armenian family was something that motivated the Embassy volunteers and the Fuller Center team to come out today and give their time,” said Ambassador Mills.  “Volunteering is a way of life for many American families, and it’s so meaningful to be able to continue this tradition in Armenia,” he continued.

Mrs. Petrosyan offered her gratitude, saying,“A few months ago, when more than 20 people came to our house to help us, I couldnot believe that we would be able to move into our beautiful home so quickly. I am so grateful and happy today to hostin my housethe peoplewho have been next to us in a difficult time. They made our dream come true.Thank you!’’

Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan said, “Our partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Armenia goes a long way. This partnership once again proves that humanity does not recognize borders. When people join forces with good will and hearts full of love, everything becomes possible. The result is the happiness of these people. We are happy to share in their joy.”