1. President Sargsyan Met with Levon Hairapetyan's Executioner
    Yesterday the businessman and philanthropist Levon Hairapetyan died in the Russian prison.
    12:18 19/10/2017
  2. Taxi Driver Suspected of Poisoning Passengers Has Been Arrested in Moscow:
    An Armenian taxi driver was arrested in Moscow who is suspected of poisoning passengers.
    17:29 18/10/2017
  3. Armenian Businessman Assassinated in Moscow
    The surveillance cameras in Moscow captured the murder of the 38-year-old Armenian businessman Georgiy Akobjanov on Novoslablodskaya Street, Moscow.
    11:56 17/10/2017
  4. A Letter from Garo Yegnukian to Piotr Switalski
    Garo Yegnukian wrote a letter to Piotr Switalski, the head of European Union Delegation to Armenia
    20:12 11/10/2017
  5. Suspect Made Appointment with Bank's Branch Manager and Left with 200,000 USD
    On 9 October 2017 the Police received a report on robbery of the branch office of Converse Bank on Sayat Nova Street in Yerevan.
    21:46 09/10/2017
  6. HRD Has Reached Agreement with Georgian Counterpart on Incident in Georgian Village
    RA Human Rights Defender’s Office initiated examination proceedings in relation to the incident between the residents of Gumburdo village in Georgia, including ethnic Armenians, and the Georgian police.
    22:22 05/10/2017
  7. Number of Victims of Las Vegas Shooting Rose to 59
    The number of victims of the shooting in Las Vegas has amounted to 59. 515 people have been injured.
    21:58 03/10/2017
  8. Gunman Attacked Hospital in Yerevan
    On October 2 a gunman opened fire near the wards on the third floor of Armenia Medical Center, the Police told
    22:06 02/10/2017
  9. At Least 400 People Injured in Las Vegas Attack
    The attack in Las Vegas has left 400 people injured. Earlier the U.S. Police had informed about 50 deaths.
    20:41 02/10/2017
  10. Deaths in Las Vegas Attack Reached 50
    The number of victims of the shooting in Las Vegas continues to grow. According to the local police, the death toll has amounted to 50. 200 are injured.
    16:36 02/10/2017