U.S. Announces Financial Sanctions Against Ruben Tatulyan

  • Law - 24 December 2017, 01:34
The United States Department of Treasury has announced financial sanctions against 10 “thieves-in-law” connected to a syndicate, including the Armenian Ruben Tatulyan also known by the nickname Robson. Sanctions will hit Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik), Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (Taiwanchik) and others.

Under the latest sanction there is a ban on U.S. citizens to do business with the people on the list. They cannot enter the United States, and their assets in the U.S. territory will be frozen.

According to the U.S. Department of Treasury, the purpose of sanctions is to hit the financial infrastructures of a transnational crime syndicate.

According to the U.S. authorities, in 2010 Ruben Tatulyan was designated “supervisor” on Sochi. In 2015 he was arrested during a meeting of thieves-in-law in Sochi. Besides, Tatulyan has repetitively provided legal assistance to thieves-in-law.

By the way, Ruben Tatulyan is a member of the Investors Club in Armenia initiated by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and the tycoon Samvel Karapetyan.

In May of this year Tatulyan was caught in a scandal. The press reported that the Czech police arrested him during the crowning of thieves-in-law. It also became known that Tatulyan has an Armenian diplomatic passport.