Suspect of Nursery School Attacker Arrested

  • Law - 31 October 2017, 22:14
The Investigative Committee is investigating the case of the attacker who kept a toddler a hostage in a nursery school in Armavir.

On 30 October 2017, at around 4 pm, a man went into the Manushak Nursery School in Armavir and threatening staff with his knife took a three-year-old boy a hostage, demanding to organize a meeting with his ex-wife in return for letting the child go.

The police rendered the attacker harmless, and the toddler was freed safely and unharmed. During the operation of rendering harmless the man harmed himself with his knife and was immediately taken to hospital for surgery.

Evidence was obtained that before taking hostage of the child the man injured his ex-wife who works in the nursery school as a teacher and her grandmother who is the head of the nursery school. The suspect has been arrested, the Investigative Committee informed