Nursery School Attacker Rendered Harmless: Toddler Was Released

  • Law - 31 October 2017, 00:18
On October 30, at around 16:25, the Police received a report on an attack on a nursery school in Armavir. A man armed with a knife broke into the nursery schools and kept a three-year-old toddler hostage, the head of PR and information department of the Police Ashot Aharonyan informed.

The first deputy chief of police Hunan Poghosyan left for Armavir and negotiated with the man. During the negotiations it was possible to release the toddler and remove the child from the room unharmed. The toddler was taken to hospital immediately.

Afterwards the police used a special means and the man was rendered harmless and taken to hospital. He tried to injure himself but was prevented by the police. reported that the man who attacked the nursery school is the husband of one of the teachers working in the nursery school and is the granddaughter of the head of the nursery school.

The wife wants to divorce him, and the husband went to her workplace to take revenge. He cut her neck and injured the ear of another employee.