Taxi Driver Suspected of Poisoning Passengers Has Been Arrested in Moscow:

  • Law - 18 October 2017, 17:29
An Armenian taxi driver was arrested in Moscow who is suspected of poisoning passengers. According to the media, Vahagn Karapetyan, 29, may be charged with murder of over 100 people. One of his victims is the TV presenter Artur Bitov.

Referring to the assistant to the head of Moscow Investigative Department Yulia Ivanova, TVC informed that the 29-year-old man is charged with harm to health causing victim’s death and looting.

On 9 April 2017 the body of a 54-year-old man was found not far from Dvintsev Street. There were no visible injuries on the body. Forensic conclusion is that the man died from poisoning with a combination of ethylene and a psychotropic substance.  The suspect has been arrested.

“According to the investigation, starting from 2015 the man offer private passenger transportation services and offered his passengers to drink mineral water in which he had dissolved psychotropic substances. When for the drugs produced their effect, the accused stole their things.”

The police searched the man’s department and found many telephones, over 100 wrist watches, as well as a big quantity of strong psychotropic substances.