Dutch Court Sentenced Askin for Hate Speech Against Armenians

  • Law - 18 March 2017, 23:09
The court of Netherlands has found guilty Ilham Askin, the chair of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Cultural Union in Hague. During the Turkish rally he chanted “Karabakh will be the grave of Armenians,” Masis Abrahamyan, the head of the Armenian National Committee of Europe.

The court granted the claim of the plaintiff and ruled 120 hours of work instead of the initial 80, as well as probation. Four weeks of confinement instead of the initial two, and two years of probation.

The trial of Ilham Askin took place on March 3. Askin was accused of hate speech and inciting violence because during a Turkish rally in Almelo in front of the memorial to the Genocide he chanted “Karabakh will be the grave of Armenians” on 1 June 2014. The Federation of the Armenian Organizations of Netherlands and the Armenian National Committee had submitted a complaint against the anti-Armenian statements.