Levon Hairapetyan Will Continue Charity Programs After He's Released from Prison

  • Law - 11 October 2016, 21:12
After leaving prison the Armenian entrepreneur and benefactor Levon Hairapetyan will return to Artsakh and continue his charity programs, Zaruhee, the daughter of Levon Hairapetyan, told reporters on October 10. They currently talk only by telephone because she is not allowed to visit him in prison, Hairapetyan’s daughter said.

She added that she continues to struggle for her father’s freedom. “Despite his difficult psychological situation, he is always beside Artsakh. He has been recently awarded by the president of Artsakh for financial assistance during the four-day war in Artsakh,” Zaruhee Hairapetyan said.

Levon Hairapetyan has been taken to a prison in Mordovia which is considered to be one of the worst prisons in Russia. His health is relatively good now but he cannot stand such conditions, the lawyer Haikazn Makaryan told reporters on October 10.

“Mr Hairapetyan cannot understand yet who had ordered to treat him in this way. The advocates extended hope to his wife that he may be set free until the end of this year. Recently, a group of known advocates announced that it is not clear how they keep Levon Hairapetyan in prison without a body of crime and serious facts,” Makaryan said, Armenpress informed. He added that during the four-day war Hairapetyan transferred several million dollars to the Artsakh fund.

He says the Armenian government should act to fix this situation. He called on the Armenian authorities to discuss the issue of extradition of Levon Hairapetyan who has dual citizenship and several international covenants between Armenia and Russia contain clauses that provide for extradition in such cases. “Especially for a person who has received a medal from the State Duma,” he says. “Our authorities must make an open call to the State Duma for immediate extradition or at least house arrest for Levon Hairapetyan,” Makaryan said.