Judge Asked Whether Ghukasyan Will Continue Oppositional Activities After He's Set Free

  • Law - 26 August 2016, 17:01
The Court of Appeals dismissed on August 24 the complaints against New Armenia member Andrias Ghukasyan’s arrest, as well as remanding him in custody, one of Ghukasyan’s advocates Lusine Sahakyan told Lragir.am.

According to the advocate, with the question that the judge asked Ghukasyan during the sitting is evidence to what they have been claiming since the moment Ghukasyan was arrested.

“The court asked a clear question to Andrias Ghukasyan whether he will continue his opposition activities after he is set free and got a positive answer from Andrias Ghukasyan. In fact, the judge asked a direct question, and since Ghukasyan intends to continue his oppositional political activities, he was not set free,” Lusine Sahakyan said, adding that this very circumstance proves that Andrias Ghukasyan is a political prisoner.

Note that Andrias Ghukasyan announced hunger protest 26 days ago.