HRD Visited Hospital of Convicts

  • Law - 25 August 2016, 01:15
The lawyer and doctor of the department of prevention of torture and bad treatment of the HRD’s office were assigned by the HRD to visit on 23 August 2016 the Hospital of Convicts and had private talks with Pavel Manukyan, Aram Manukyan, Sedrak Nazaryan, Tatul Tamrazyan, Armen Lambaryan, Ashot Petrosyan, Hovhannes Harutiunyan, the HRD’s office informed.

They found out the following: Hovhannes Harutiunyan had an x-ray examination on 22 August 2016, the weight on his leg was removed, a plaster bandage was applied. Hovhannes Harutiunyan said he has started feeling better and can move the toes of his right foot. He moved his toes in the presence of the doctor of the HRD’s staff.

The stitches on Ashot Petrosyan’s wounds were removed by the specialists of Erebuni Medical Center on 22 August 2016.

On 23 August 2016 a fridge, a TV, an electric fan and other items were passed to Sedrak Nazaryan. He underscored the importance of the visits of the HRD’s staff.

Tatul Tamrazyan, Armen Lambaryan, Aram Manukyan, Ashot Petrosyan and Sedrak Nazaryan did not complain of the conditions, as well as the medical services.

It has been reported that on the 16th, 19th and 22nd of August the medical staff of Erebuni Medical Center visited all the abovementioned persons and performed all the necessary medical invasions, including bandage. The intervals were determined by improvement and doctor’s instruction.

During daytime hours (until 6 pm) the nurse takes care of the aforementioned detainees, In the evening and at night the nurse on duty. The seat of the representative of the administration is placed in front of the door of H. Hovhannisyan’s ward.

The wards are cleaned by the cleaner. In the evening and at night the convict involved in cleaning and maintenance services cleans the wards, the HRD’s statement informs.

As part of the discussion, based on an individual approach to each of the detainees, written enquiries were submitted to the authorized bodies on suspending 24-hour duty of detainees by nurses, organization of further medical aid and care for the detainees, performing surgery on and medical care to H. Harutiunyan by his preferred doctor, as well as other conditions of the place of detention of the aforementioned persons, the HRD’s statement runs.

The HRD states that specific issues relating to the conditions in the place of detention were solved on the spot or included in the official communication.