1. Some Already Detained, Publications to Follow: Head of National Security Service
    Today, the head of National Security Service, answering the question of reporters about the disclosure of individuals who gained wealth unlawfully, said the operations began and soon there will be publications.
    12:39 24/05/2018
  2. Lots of “Criminal Authorities” and “Thieves-in-Law” Were Taken to Police Stations: Police Warns
    Over the past few days a lot of so-called “criminal authorities” and “thieves-in-law” were taken to police stations in Armenia.
    11:39 20/05/2018
  3. Head of National Security Service Denied Arrival of FBI Agents in Armenia
    The head of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan has dismissed the rumors in press that FBI officers have arrived in Armenia.
    18:24 19/05/2018
  4. Fight on Those who Gained Their Wealth Unlawfully Starts on May 23
    The newly appointed head of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan has stated in a meeting with heads of media that soon those who gained wealth through corruption and illegalities will be held accountable.
    18:07 19/05/2018
  5. Court Declined Motion for Releasing Sasna Tsrer from Custody
    The court has published its decision on the motion for setting free the 10 key members of Sasna Tsrer Group to await trial in freedom who had been arrested for the storming of the police station in Erebuni.
    23:17 16/05/2018
  6. Barrister Had Warned Authorities Would Need Barrister One Day: Haik Alumyan
    Barrister Haik Alumyan says judicial reforms must start with dismissal of judges.
    00:15 13/05/2018
  7. Judge Declined Motion to Set Free Sasna Tsrer Who Stormed Police Station in Yerevan
    Today Judge Arshak Vardanyan declined the motion for setting free 11 member of Sasna Tsrer Group to wait for trial in freedom.
    23:53 11/05/2018
  8. Trespassers from Azerbaijani Side Were Citizens of Bangladesh
    Yesterday the spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan informed that six people were captivated in an attempt to trespass the border of the Republic of Armenia.
    22:32 09/05/2018
  9. Six Foreigners Arrested Upon Trespassing Armenian Border
    Last night the Armenian front units captivated six foreigners at an attempt to trespass the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.
    23:30 08/05/2018
  10. Andrias Ghukasyan Set Free After 1.5 Year in Custody
    The opposition politician Andrias Ghukasyan who had been remanded in custody for a year and a half has been set free.
    19:35 07/05/2018