1. Ministry of Energy Responded to Lukashenko
    The Armenian Ministry of Energy has responded to the statement of the Belorussian president Alexander Lukashenko on detecting radioactive substances on board the plane flying from Armenia to Europe via Belarus.
    00:21 21/03/2017
  2. Dutch Court Sentenced Askin for Hate Speech Against Armenians
    The court of Netherlands has found guilty Ilham Askin, the chair of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Cultural Union in Hague.
    23:09 18/03/2017
  3. Deterioration of Arthur Sargsyan's Health Might Be Related to His Arrest: Advocate
    According to the advocates of Arthur Sargsyan, the aggravation of his disease and death could be directly related to the conditions of his detention.
    22:55 17/03/2017
  4. Prosecutor General Assigned Investigative Committee to Investigate Death of Arthur Sargsyan
    The Prosecutor General has assigned the Investigative Committee to investigate the death of Arthur Sargsyan who was one of the people accused of the case of the police station standoff.
    21:26 16/03/2017
  5. Arthur Sargsyan Who Had Taken Food to Sasna Ts'rer during Siege of Police Station Has Been Set Free
    The Prosecutor General’s Office has informed today that Arthur Sargsyan has been released on a referral by 27 members of parliament.
    22:05 06/03/2017
  6. Court Declined Motion for Bail
    The court has declined the motion for releasing Andrias Ghukasyan on bail, his advocate told Armenpress. Andrias Ghukasyan is running for parliament with the Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanyan alliance.
    21:54 06/03/2017
  7. Three Conscripts Were Injured During Engineering Work
    The General Military Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Armenia is investigating the circumstances of injuries of three conscripts.
    22:48 03/03/2017
  8. EU Structures Support Further Establishment of the Ombudsman’s Office
    “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO continues the series on reporting about foreign grants received by RA state bodies.
    17:47 14/02/2017
  9. 133 M Drams Stolen from Armenian Bank's ATMs
    The National Security Service informs that an international criminal group steals money from bank accounts in post-soviet states, using malware that is sent via emails.
    20:23 13/02/2017
  10. Lapshin's Case Will Become Counter-Precedent
    Azerbaijan will not succeed in transforming the case of the blogger Alexander Lapshin to a precedent, the Human Rights Defender of Artsakh Ruben Melikyan stated
    23:25 08/02/2017