1. Zhirair Sefilyan's Trial Started Today
    Today the trial of Zhirair Sefilayan, the leader of the Centenary Without the Regime movement started with a scandal.
    16:17 26/05/2017
  2. Head of Bavra BCP Arrested for Accepting Bribes
    The Police Department of Organized Crime has obtained information that the managers and staff of a number of organizations and individuals made deals with the officials of the Customs Service.
    13:16 26/05/2017
  3. Murderer of the Avetisyan Family Will Serve Punishment in His Home Country
    The Ministry of Justice informed that it has received the ruling of the Russian Federation Court on recognizing the verdict passed on 23 August 2016 by the Court of Shirak on Valery Permyakov.
    21:28 18/05/2017
  4. The Human Rights Defender of Artsakh Attends Conference in Hungary
    The Human Rights Defender of Artsakh is in a visit to Budapest, Hungary, to attend an International Conference on “Victims of armed conflicts at the juncture of international
    12:35 11/05/2017
  5. Money and Jewelry Found in EU Del Official's Bank Box: Pastinfo
    Pastinfo has learned fresh details about the scandal of theft of grant amounts of the EU Delegation to Armenia.
    19:30 01/05/2017
  6. National Security Service Found People Involved in Importing Apples from Azerbaijan
    The National Security Service informs that the Azerbaijani apples sold in Armenia were, according to preliminary information, imported illegally and now action is taken to reveal the people involved in this case, informed.
    17:21 01/05/2017
  7. Grant Programs Coordinator of EUDel to Yerevan Charged
    The General Department for Investigation of Special Cases continues the investigation of the case of embezzlement of grant amounts provided by the European Union Delegation to Armenia.
    17:04 01/05/2017
  8. Investigative Committee Investigates Murder of Armenian Conscript
    The Investigative Committee informed about proceedings on the murder of the conscript Mher Arzumanyan by the enemy.
    10:54 29/04/2017
  9. Body of Russian Serviceman of Russian Military Base Was Found
    The body of a Russian serviceman has been found today in Gyumri.
    23:58 22/04/2017
  10. Russian Military Base Violates Interstate Agreement with Armenia
    The leadership of the 102nd Russian military base has again violated the Armenian-Russian interstate agreement because it did not immediately inform the Armenian law enforcement agencies.
    00:40 20/04/2017