1. What Price Do Iran and Turkmenistan Offer to Armenia for Gas?
    “The moment when we get a viable proposal from any country, we will share it with the public,” the minister of energy infrastructures and natural resources Ashot Manukyan told reporters in the National Assembly.
    20:58 26/03/2018
  2. Has Russia Supplied Outdated Equipment to Azerbaijan?
    “We understand that after the escalation in 2016 unleashed by one of the sides serious reservations occurred in public opinion on the supply of weapons to Azerbaijan by Russia,” Konstantin Zatulin said.
    18:24 26/03/2018
  3. Attack Against Macron: Three Victims
    On March 23 there was a terrorist attack in the south of France. An adept of the Islamic State attacked a supermarket and held customers hostage.
    10:20 25/03/2018
  4. Armenian Army Controls Nakhijevan's International Airport and Town
    “In Nakhijevan we control an area equal to that of Yerevan, including the international airport,” Member of Parliament Mihran Hakobyan, Republican Party, said in an interview with the Armenian Time.
    16:49 24/03/2018
  5. Latvian Parliament Voted for EU-Armenian Agreement in First Reading
    The parliament of Latvia has voted for the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement, Armenpress reported.
    21:39 23/03/2018
  6. The 26th group of Peace Corps Volunteers arrived to Armenia
    Last night 42 American Peace Corps Volunteers have arrived to Armenia. The Volunteers form the 26th group of Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in our country.
    12:38 22/03/2018
  7. U.S. Ended Monopoly of Russian Weapons in South Caucasus
    Last week the chair of the international committee of the Russian Federal Council announced that after the April war in 2016 Russia drew conclusions and no longer sells weapons to Azerbaijan “in the previous scales”.
    11:05 21/03/2018
  8. Ex-President of France Taken in Custody for Illegal Campaign Funding
    The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been taken into police custody for questioning over allegations of illegal election campaign funding from the regime of the Libyan dictator.
    14:53 20/03/2018