1. EU and Armenia Signed MoU on Expanding TEN-T to Armenia
    The document is aiming at increasing transport efficiency between the EU and Eastern Partnership countries, defining common infrastructural priorities and developing transportation networks.
    23:10 24/11/2017
  2. EU-Armenia Common Aviation Agreement Signed
    EU and Armenia Common Aviation Area Agreement between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union.
    22:52 24/11/2017
  3. Deaths Rise to 184 in Egypt Attack
    The death toll in the mosque attack in the village of Ravda on the Sinai, Egypt has amounted to 184, Al Jazeera informed.
    22:27 24/11/2017
  4. EU-Armenia Agreement Signed
    The EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement was signed today during the Eastern Partnership Summit in Brussels.
    22:23 24/11/2017
  5. Fights in Lugansk. Casualties Reported
    The Ukrainian media reported fights in Lugansk.
    17:03 24/11/2017
  6. 50 Killed in Attack on Mosque in Egypt
    About 50 people were killed in the result of a blast in one of the mosques on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Sky News Arabia informed.
    16:59 24/11/2017
  7. EU-Armenia Agreement Will Have a Cornerstone Significance: President of EPP
    President of the European People's Party (EPP) Joseph Daul highlighted the signing of the Comprehensive and Expanded Partnership Agreement between the EU and Armenia.
    15:36 24/11/2017
  8. EaP Summit Started. Signing of Agreement with Armenia Expected
    The president of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has left for Belgium to attend the EaP Summit.
    15:31 24/11/2017
  9. In What Case Armenia Will Not Be Against Azerbaijan's Membership to EAEU
    Azerbaijan’s membership to the EAEU would mean respecting the stipulation that every member state shall refrain from any step jeopardizing member states, Deputy Minister Kocharyan said.
    22:36 23/11/2017
  10. Maria Zakharova Teased Azerbaijani Reporter for "Putin's Plan"
    The spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry has commented on the press reports that during the visit to Yerevan the Russian foreign minister Lavrov presented Vladimir Putin’s plan for the Karabakh settlement
    22:17 23/11/2017