1. Foreign Committee Voted Against Draft Resolution on Leaving EAEU
    The Foreign Committee has given a negative opinion on the draft resolution submitted by Yelq Parliamentary Group on initiating a process of leaving the Eurasian Economic Union.
    19:21 29/11/2017
  2. Erdogan Keeps Alienating Everyone, Including Distinguished Foreign Scholars
    Turkish President Erdogan is a ‘blessing’ to all those who are opposed to Turkish autocratic rule and massive violations of human rights.
    10:19 29/11/2017
  3. Zarif: Iran Attaches Great Importance to Comprehensive Collaboration with Armenia
    On November 28, Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian met with Mohammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Iran, who arrived in Yerevan.
    21:45 28/11/2017
  4. Aliyev Prevented: What Has Happened in Nakhijevan?
    The artillery units of the Azerbaijani army conducted drills involving relay race of mortar squads and destruction of enemy’s targets.
    13:12 28/11/2017
  5. Turkey's Searching for 3 Prosecutors Who Fled via Armenia
    Turkey has requested Interpol to issue international wanted persons notice for three former prosecutors who ran away to Germany via Armenia and Georgia, haberler.com reported.
    12:58 28/11/2017
  6. Russian Air Strikes Resulted in 53 Deaths
    The Russian aviation strike in Al-Shafah, Syria has killed 53 civilians, BBC informed, referring to the Syrian Center for Human Rights Monitoring.
    01:00 28/11/2017
  7. Mugabe Got 10 Million USD Cash to Leave Office
    Robert, Mugabe, the ex-president of Zimbabwe, has been granted immunity from prosecution for his actions during his office, as well as 10 million dollars of cash.
    00:51 28/11/2017
  8. EU-Armenia Visa-Free Regime Possible by 2020
    Piotr Switalski is optimistic and believes that both sides have the commitment that will lead to opportunities for visa liberalization between the EU and Armenia.
    00:29 28/11/2017
  9. Merkel: Agreements with Armenia and Azerbaijan Won't Bring Fundamental Change
    The relations with the countries of Eastern Europe are important for the security of the European Union, Chancellor Merkel announced during the Eastern Partnership Summit, Deutsche Welle informed.
    20:40 25/11/2017
  10. Egyptian Forces Killed 30 Terrorists Following Mosque Attack
    The law enforcement agencies of Egypt have destroyed 30 militants who attacked a mosque in the village of Al Ravda, killing 235 people.
    20:20 25/11/2017