It's a Different Russia: Armenia Should Be Attentive

    • Politics - 21 February 2018, 00:10
The election of the Russian president is missing the “groom”. The presidential campaign began on February 17 but the main candidate Vladimir Putin does not participate in the campaign. This is confusing for the other candidates. They do not know who they should debate with.

Now the main issue is to ensure turnout of voters. The most creative content is created for this purpose. For example, video ads beg voters to vote. In one of such videos the girl won’t have sex with the guy unless he votes. The other says vote or you’ll be enlisted for the army.

Very few people have doubts about the outcome of the Russian elections but analysts say this is already a different Russia. Dmitri Bikov, for example, calls Russia a “country of rogues” where everything is looked at through the prism of the rogue. In Syria casualties are also looked at through this prism.

A country where nobody knows who is the partner of the president, where his children are and what they do. This is typical of clergy or thieves-in-law.

Russia is gradually transforming to a country of orthodox rogues who like Turks. In Dagestan an Islamist shot churchgoers on Maslenitsa. Among victims there are women with Armenian surnames.

On the same day, people living in Nikola-Lenivets village, Kaluga, Russia set up a 30 meter tall Catholic object from wood and burnt it. The orthodox wanted to display that Catholics are their enemies.

Strange things are taking place in the economy too. Magnit, a company owned by the Armenian billionaire Galitsky-Harutiunyan, has been nationalized, in fact. Analysts say this is the beginning of the process of taking away the property of “independent” oligarchs. Or oligarchs hurry to sell property because they do not know what will happen after the elections and the new U.S. sanctions.

This is Putin’s electoral campaign.

However, the worst for Putin’s electoral campaign was in Syria. They are talking about several hundreds of killed Russian mercenaries. They also say that the Russian soldiers are busy occupying oil facilities from Kurds in Syria. The American General Jeffrey Harrigian who heads the central command of the U.S. Air Forces in the Near East has told about the strike on the Russian troops.

Armenia should follow attentively what is happening in Russia.