Point Shots at Russia: Armenia Could Have a Chance to Clean Up

  • Politics - 28 December 2017, 00:48
The United States has announced sanctions against 10 thieves-in-law of former soviet countries. The sanctions prohibit U.S. citizens to do business with these people. They will not be allowed to enter the United States, and their assets kept in the territory of the United States will be frozen.

The U.S. Treasury has announced that the purpose of sanctions is to weaken the financial infrastructures of international crime syndicates.

The new wave of sanctions to be adopted in January has also covered the Russian defense industry. Next year Putin’s close entourage and maybe also Putin is expected to appear on the sanction list.

So, new sanctions add to the effective ones, which is point shots at Russia. The defense industry, following the sanctioned oil and gas sector, is the more or less breathing industry of the Russian economy. And Putin’s entourage and criminal world are the ideological basis of the Russian state.

The U.S. sanctions are actually aimed at the sectors which are the so-called black money of the government. They are used for “black actions” at different points of the world, for serious lobbying, political groups, politicians and media are recruited and bought, fifth columns are created and funded. One of the primary purposes of sanctions is limitation of such possibilities for the Russian government.

Currently Armenia is discussing how these American sanctions will affect the economy, financial sector and defense capacity of Armenia which has a big dependence on Russia.

This problem became actual because the list of criminals includes Ruben Tatulyan who has a diplomatic passport in Armenia and is a member of the Investors Club set up by the government, so he is an “official” to some extent.

On the other hand, a limitation of Russia’s destructive capacities is an opportunity for Armenia which could “clear” to some extent its relations with Russia and other players. Of course, if the Armenian ruling system is not ultimately stuck in the “black” schemes of the Russian sectors concerned.