What Will Sargsyan and Aliyev Speak?

    • Politics - 26 December 2017, 22:24
On December 26 Serzh Sargsyan will leave for Moscow to attend the meeting of CIS leaders. The Azerbaijani media informed that Ilham Aliyev will also attend the meeting.

Russia has occasionally used the traditional meetings of CIS leaders for three-party meetings of the presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. This time, however, there is no need for such a meeting or it will be held to strengthen the ceasefire.

Russia will hardly attempt “separate” initiatives. After November 2017, a situation has occurred in the Karabakh settlement where not only Azerbaijan’s militaristic blackmail is meaningless but also Russia’s attempts to come up with “alternative” proposals on settlement.

Russia has officially joined the consensus in Karabakh, announcing that it will work with the United States and France and will insist on the introduction of mechanisms of restraint.

“I do not see progress towards the Karabakh settlement in the nearest future… What we can do now is to keep the sides back from military actions,” the Russian Member of Parliament Konstantin Zatulin stated.

Apparently, the West wishes so. NATO does not hide its interest to expand cooperation with Armenia though confesses that there are problems.

In an interview with Mediamax, Deputy Secretary Rose Gottemoeller said NATO does not demand anything. Although we would like to work with Armenia in other spheres if Armenia is ready, she said.

There is nothing to say about the diplomatic aspect. Armenia has announced that Azerbaijan officially rejected the principles of Madrid which means that they are outdated.

“In December 2009, during the ministerial conference here in Athens all the OSCE participant states, including Azerbaijan, have approved them. However, since then Azerbaijan has taken a step back and refuses to reiterate them. Armenia has repetitively announced about its readiness to continue to negotiate based on these principles and components with a view to a peace settlement,” the foreign minister of Armenia Eduard Nalbandyan stated.

Armenia is trying to secure itself at the line of contact. “The possibility of sabotages has decreased,” Serzh Sargsyan has announced. According to him, the reason is the surveillance equipment. Sargsyan said 2-3 attempts were made but failed with big losses. He added that specific steps are envisaged to rule out such actions. “When we said that sabotages would be eliminated, everyone doubted. I state with all responsibility that other actions will be ruled out,” Sargsyan said.

However, these actions are not always sufficient, and official Stepanakert is trying to persuade the international community not to sell weapons to Azerbaijan.

Stepanakert worries that a country with a Nazi and fascist ideology which conducts an Armenophobic policy is developing such dangerous weapons as combat drones, the spokesperson for the NKR president Davit Babayan announced, commenting on the program of demonstration of Azerbaijan’s drones which can strike personnel and equipment.

According to him, countries must refrain from cooperation with Azerbaijan, realizing the possible consequences. Will the OSCE leaders listen to Stepanakert and will the sale of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan be discussed at the CIS summit?