Are Russia and NATO Set to Fight for Armenian Sky?

    • Politics - 20 December 2017, 00:19
NATO Defense College’s report published recently states that Russia is trying to use Armenia in the confrontation with NATO.

This includes creation of a strong and self-sufficient air defense system which can catch NATO airplanes, as well as tactical and operative rockets. Russia has such means in the base in Gyumri, as well as the Erebuni air defense base.

Experts think the second component of the Limited Access strategy implemented by Russia in the region includes offensive systems based on Iskander M rockets, as well as the air force.

The strategic importance of the “Russian bastion” in Armenia, according to NATO experts, depends on the stationing of Iskander M systems which have Iskander-K rockets (P-500 winged rockets). This may breach the requirements of the agreement on destruction of medium and small range rockets.

Interestingly, recently Donald Trump has approved the new sanctions on Russia for breaching the agreement on destruction of medium and small-range rockets, Politico wrote, referring to a high-ranking official in the White House.

According to Politico, the Ministry of Trade of the United States has been instructed to draft sanctions against the Russian enterprises and companies which are related to development of new rocket technologies.

If all these events are put side by side, one can assume that the United States blames Russia for strengthening its rocket forces, including through their stationing in Armenia.

Aside from the American Javelin Georgia will start receiving French Mistral zenith rocket systems next year. Mistral is designed for destruction of low-flying planes and helicopters. The French Mistral is at the same level with the Russian Igla and American Stinger. Besides, Georgia has bought mobile radio locators from France.

Note that recently the Defense Army of Artsakh has announced about receiving modernized Igla systems.

Is the Armenian and Georgian sky becoming one of the main arenas of the fight between Russia and NATO?