Unexpected Turn in Armenian-Iranian Border Incident

    • Politics - 18 December 2017, 23:19
The story of the 40-km road at the Iran-Armenian border has taken an unexpected and interesting turn. According to the head of the State Water Committee Arsen Harutiunyan, the reason for terminating the agreement on repair of the road is disagreement from the Iranian side rather than the Russian border guards at the Iranian-Armenian border.

Arsen Harutiunyan stated in a press briefing that there was a misprint in the draft agreement that the reason for suspension is the disagreement is a misprint.

In fact, the misprint in the draft agreement prepared by the State Water Committee was not deadly but could create a serious interstate issue, a situation which might cause serious complications in the current sensitive and complicated stage of transformation in the Armenian-Russian relations.

Arsen Harutiunyan has announced that the reason for stopping the repair of the road is disagreement from the Iranian side, not the Russian border guards. According to him, there was a negotiation involving the Russian border guard service which performs control over the border. According to the Armenian official, the Iranian side has not agreed to points relating to the road reconstruction, therefore negotiations continue.

Why the Iranian side disagrees and to what in particular? What is the issue? Arsen Harutiunyan did not go into detail.

Hopefully, Harutiunyan does not make mistakes in talking about the consent of the Iranian side otherwise we will “rid” of the Armenian-Russian scandal and appear in an Armenian-Iranian scandal. In other words, the Armenian official refers to Iran’s disagreement to cover up the information on the Russian border guards and the scandal.

The political literacy and responsibility of the head of the Armenian government agency will be enough to understand the consequence of blaming the Iranian side when Iran is not the problem.

And if the problem is the disagreement of the Iranian side, it turns out that the State Water Committee was not wise and responsible enough to understand how serious the consequence of such scandalous mistakes in draft resolutions on essential interstate situations may be.

In fact, the Committee has created a situation in which Armenia may have to excuse itself before Russia or Iran.