Nalbandyan: Closure of OSCE Office Is Negative Precedent

  • Politics - 07 December 2017, 21:34
The Armenian foreign minister Eduard Nalbandyan stated during the 24th meeting of the council of foreign ministers of the participants of OSCE that the closure of the Yerevan office of OSCE is a negative precedent. Nalbandyan stated that OSCE addresses issues through dialogue and cooperation, not imposing one country’s position in detriment to others and an entire organization.

Ministerial councils provide a platform for speaking about achievements and the future vision. Nevertheless, it is equally important not to miss this opportunity for an honest discussion on the shortcomings of the organization, he noted, adding that Azerbaijan’s refusal to join the consensus on prolongation of the mandate of the OSCE office harmed not only the unity of cooperation of the field missions but also the ability for integrated cooperation within the organization.

He recalled that after repetitively ignoring the OSCE commitments and closing the office of this organization Azerbaijan targeted and had the last fully operating office in the region closed. Nalbandyan expressed Armenia’s commitment to closer cooperation within the OSCE framework, and underlined the opportunities that the program of cooperation with Armenia provides.