5 Million Prostitutes and Enemy

  • Politics - 04 December 2017, 23:14
Maxim Shevchenko has published a video excusing his statements on the state Russian television when he called Armenians enemies and Karabakh part of Azerbaijan. He said his words had been misunderstood, he had said that part of the Armenians who support closer relations with the West are enemies, and Karabakh belongs to the Armenians and Azerbaijanis living there.

However, it should be noted that he was not excusing himself to Armenians but Aram Gabrielyanov, the owner of the famous Russian Lifenews who has added the Russian ending to his Armenian surname. Apparently, the latter was offended that the Armenians had been called enemies, and Shevchenko may fear that Lifenews may involve him in serious scandals.

In the meantime, Shevchenko is excusing himself and lying, and it does not seem far from being real that not only these but also other anti-Armenian shows have been ordered by the Kremlin, even though the head of the Russian majority party states in Yerevan that there is democracy and freedom of opinion in Russia. There is freedom of opinion within the framework of the topic set from above, which was implemented through those shows in one of which Armenia was associated with a prostitute.

The point is that “a prostitute” and “an enemy” are part of the Kremlin’s campaign. This is the only way to keep the marginal Russian society “fit”. If you are not one them, you are either a prostitute or an enemy or both. This is how it was and will be. They will never be able to notice their own shortcomings in the haze of propaganda mixed with hangover, which is the only way to retain the “empire”.

Sometimes reasonable voices are heard in Moscow who ask why everyone is running away from them. And who do reasonable people and societies usually avoid?

By the way, after the Russian shows Gabrielyanov’s Lifenews conducted a study and revealed that there are about 5 million prostitutes in Russia.