Court Case Against Turkish Citizens for Visit to Artsakh Exposes Turkey: Cetinoglu

  • Politics - 03 December 2017, 22:55
Turkey has met the request of the Azerbaijani prosecutor general’s office to launch an investigation on the visit of four Turkish citizens to Artsakh. The investigation was carried out by the deputy prosecutor general of Turkey. After the investigation a decision was made to initiate a court case, Seit Cetinoglu who is the target of the Turkish-Azerbaijani plot told Armenpress.

“We used our right to freedom of movement, which is one of the fundamental freedoms. The Azerbaijani government has warranted our arrest. Furthermore, they used Interpol to limit our freedom to travel,” the Turkish intellectual says.

He recalls that the Azerbaijani government started an investigation into the visit to Artsakh without the authorization of the Azerbaijani side and requested the Turkish authorities to obtain testimonies. This case was managed by the deputy prosecutor general.

“As far as I understood from publications in the media, in the result of the process a court case began against us. We have not been summoned to court. Judging by the words of the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on initiating a court case, Turkey and Azerbaijan take such steps to prevent visits to Nagorno-Karabakh,” Cetinoglu said, recalling that the Turkish foreign minister has made similar statements before.

Cetinoglu describes such actions by the Turkish side as strange, considering that Turkey occupies the north of Cyprus. If they face trial, the same measure should be applied to the Turkish citizens visiting the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

“This process may end in court cases against millions of citizens of the Republic of Turkey visiting “occupied territories” without authorization,” Cetinoglu told Armenpress, adding that the process started by Turkey may have unpleasant implications for Turkey.

Azerbaijan started prosecution against the Turkish writer Seit Cetinoglu, the politician Ufuk Urasi, journalists Ali Bayramoglu and Erol Katircioglu for visiting Artsakh on September 22. They are accused of illegally crossing the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan. There is a warrant on their arrest.

They are put on the international wanted list, and a special letter has been sent to the Turkish law enforcement agencies requesting their arrest and prosecution.