Some of Steps Listed in EU-Armenia Agreement Will Be Implemented Soon: Switalski

  • Politics - 01 December 2017, 22:51
There is no provision in the EU-Armenia agreement which would be perceived as being aimed against someone, it is for the benefit of everyone, the head of the EU Delegation Ambassador Piotor Switalski said during the parliamentary hearings Armenia-European Union Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership. According to him, the agreement could be a model for other EU member states which are members of other unions, and Armenia is a leader in this.

The ambassador said this is not a bilateral cooperation agreement because it was not signed between Armenia and the EU but Armenia and the EU member states.

The agreement marks the beginning of a road. Part of the steps listed in the agreement will be implemented soon, the ambassador said, expressing hope that the EU member states will also support the implementation of this agreement.

Ambassador Switalski added that the role and oversight of the parliament and civil society is also important to bringing the agreement into being.

It depends on the determination of the sides to benefit from this agreement.