Ukraine Removed Armenian Delegation: Russian MFA Statement

  • Politics - 01 December 2017, 22:11
The National Assembly of Armenia has stated that at the beginning of the opening of the 50th of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliamentary Assembly while the members of the delegations were waiting in the hall for an hour, the heads of all delegations were having a separate discussion with the BSEC PA Secretary General and the head of the Ukrainian delegation. “We describe this as an insult to not only the Armenian delegation but also all the other delegations and the organization,” the Armenian parliament states.

The Russian foreign ministry has issued a statement on the incident during the Parliamentary Assembly where the Ukrainian chairmanship removed the Armenian parliamentary delegation from joint activities of amending the concluding declaration on essential issues.

“It is becoming obvious that Ukraine does not fulfill its obligations as a BSEC co-chair, universal norms and principles of the work of multi-lateral organizations, full participation of delegations in activities is not ensured, the main principles of parliamentary rule are breached,” the statement runs.

The Russian foreign ministry has accused Ukraine of last-minute changes in the agreed declaration which it calls “provocative”. The Ukrainians misused their chairmanship and achieved adoption of non-balanced statements, going beyond economic topics which is what BSEC PA should be dealing with.