How Putin and Others Signed Karabakh "Paper"

  • Politics - 30 November 2017, 23:38
The summit of Collective Security Treaty Organization has ended in Minsk. The heads of states signed several documents relating to CSTO strategy implementation, further development of the organization’s defense component, cooperation on defense, foreign policy and other spheres. Over twenty issues were discussed during the meeting, and the resolution on supporting the mediation efforts of the OSCE Minks Group co-chair countries in NK settlement was signed. CSTO member states reiterated their support to the Minsk Group co-chairs, as well as the principles of the right to self-determination, non-use of force and threat of force and territorial integrity.

Hence, CSTO joined the international consensus on the Karabakh issue after the United States, the EU, Russia and NATO. CSTO does not address the Karabakh issue often if it addresses it at all. In addition, three of its members Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have close military and political cooperation with Azerbaijan.

On the other hand, it would be hard to reject Armenia’s initiative because in that case it would simply appear in the margin of international politics, especially that Turkey has actually joined the international agreement on Karabakh.

Besides, Russia seems to be getting ready for involving CSTO in different international actions, and this bloc needs legitimacy. The aforementioned resolution was such an opportunity.