Erdogan Gave Up: Is Armenia the Next Wave?

  • Politics - 29 November 2017, 20:58
The Turkish President Erdogan has announced that his telephone conversation with the U.S. President Donald Trump was the first conversation when the leaders of two countries were on the same wave, Fox News informed.

The Syrian issue was discussed during the conversation that took place yesterday. Ankara has two claims to the United States – arming of the Syrian Kurds and Gulen. The United States does not seem likely for a compromise.

Erdogan’s statement was preceded by developments that had placed Turkey out of the game. The most important one was the U.S.-Russian agreement which, however, was not limited to the Syrian issues.

Erdogan first criticized this agreement, then understood from two meetings with Putin that Russia has received some role from the United States and will not give up on it. Then he had this telephone conversation on the same wave, which means that Turkey has accepted the Russian-American agreements.

There has been a U.S.-Russian agreement on the Karabakh issue too, which actually recognized the status quo in Karabakh. After the first meeting with Putin Erdogan announced that the issue of returning five territories of Karabakh was brought up but Putin was not optimistic. However, on the eve of the second meeting he announced that he will remind Putin. But there was no further information whether he raised the issue and what Putin said.

Ankara and Baku have been trying to achieve “separate” agreements with Russia for a long time, and Moscow demonstrated such public readiness since some time. However, Russia does not need that after achieving an agreement with the United States.

Has Erdogan given up on the Karabakh issue or has he decided to wait until more favorable political situations? On the other hand, Azerbaijan has obviously become a burden for Turkey in the current situation. Strange though it may seem, Turkey can resolve this issue with the help of Armenia, establishing relations with Yerevan without preconditions.

Serzh Sargsyan brought up this issue during the UN General Assembly, giving Turkey time until April after which Armenia may recall its signature from the Armenian-Turkish protocols. In April Armenia will transform to parliamentary governance which may lead to a restart in relations and positions.