Aliyev Prevented: What Has Happened in Nakhijevan?

  • Politics - 28 November 2017, 13:12
The artillery units of the Azerbaijani army conducted drills involving relay race of mortar squads and destruction of enemy’s targets. The military unit located across the security area of Artsakh Defense Army was involved in the drill too.

Earlier last week the Azerbaijani army conducted a large-scale command point drills involving all the units of the Azerbaijani army, including the ones stationed in Nakhijevan. In addition, war aircraft was involved too.

The training in Azerbaijan overlapped with intensive political events relating to the Artsakh issue. While Azerbaijan was discussing the Putin plan involving giving five territories of Karabakh to Baku for its membership to CSTO, the United States, and then Russia announced during the meeting of Vienna Permanent Council that the agreements reached in Vienna and Saint Petersburg must be implemented, which implies the maintenance of the status quo in Karabakh. Other international organizations followed.

Over this period the Turkish president Erdogan met Putin twice and reminded about the UN SC resolutions according to which the Armenian side must withdraw troops from several regions but according to Erdogan Putin was not optimistic.

Later the Russian foreign minister Lavrov visited Baku and Yerevan and introduced to the sides the details of the decision and made to important statements. First, despite controversies, Russia works with the United States over the Karabakh issue and, second, the Karabakh issue defies an easy solution.

The EaP Summit followed Lavrov’s visit during which Armenia signed a framework agreement with the EU and the NATO Secretary General warned Aliyev with regard to military actions.

Thus another political stage of the Karabakh “settlement” was closed, confirming the current status quo in Karabakh. The next stage of “settlement”, its timing and schemes, will depend on the development of the new international political situation.

In the meantime, all that is left to do in Azerbaijan is drills while waiting for better times. All its efforts have failed, claims ignored. Azerbaijan has been warned at all levels to refrain from military actions.

Amid these developments, a major incident took place during the large-scale drills in Nakhijevan where Turkey has a significant military presence. An Azerbaijani officer shot his fellow servicemen in one of the military units and fled. The Azerbaijani MoD confirmed the information but refrained from publishing details.