Russia Respects Signing of EU-Armenia Agreement

  • Politics - 23 November 2017, 22:02
The spokesperson for the Russian ministry of foreign affairs Maria Zakharova has commented on the expected signing of the Comprehensive and Expanded Partnership Agreement between the EU and Armenia and its implications for the Armenian-Russian relations.

“We develop relations with other states, particularly with Armenia, and we do it on the basis of mutual interests. At the same time, we understand that every country has its own foreign political interests, purposes, objectives and we respect them,” Zakharova said, Armenpress reported.

She added that Russia has implemented a lot of foreign political activities in the direction of cooperation with official Yerevan.

“You have witnessed meetings at the top level, at the level of foreign agencies, during which a wide array of issues were discussed, expositions were opened, there were statements. At the same time, every country has its own foreign political actions that are in line with their own foreign political doctrine,” Maria Zakharova said.