What Did Don Pipo Put on the Table?

  • Politics - 22 November 2017, 20:10
Ahead of his arrival in Yerevan the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov stated in Baku that all steps towards settlement of the Karabakh conflict have been discussed repetitively and are reflected in the OSCE documents. “The menu is on the table,” Lavrov said.

It is clear from this menu and the press conference of the foreign minister Nalbandyan in Yerevan that Armenia was for discussing anything while Azerbaijan was against. Different “dishes” in it involved eating the territories of Artsakh in one way or another which is called “compromise” in diplomacy.

In fact, it turns out and Nalbandyan is also saying that a settlement cannot be achieved in the result of Baku’s stance because Baku wants it all and at once. Of course, the reality is different but imitation has been publicly created at the expense of the Armenian side’s concessions, which is no less important.

Now the “settlement” is stepping into a new stage where the primary issue remains the maintenance of the status quo through international control mechanisms. They will hardly be put in place, maximum on the Armenian side unilaterally which has already been done. It is hard to tell what will happen of Lavrov’s menu, whether it will continue to be discussed or new options will be sought for.

In this regard, there are backup options, aside from the issue of investigative mechanisms of which the most significant one is the presence of Karabakh at the “table”. Not on the “menu” as it was in the negotiation process thanks to the efforts of Russia and Azerbaijan and with the consent of the Armenian government, but at the table.

Those in Karabakh have a lot to put on the table, diverse and even unexpected things. Besides, they can make the menu themselves, it is a matter of awareness of one’s wish and will, rights and opportunities, nobody can hinder them.

One of the Armenian officials has stated recently that it is impossible to isolate the people of Karabakh, it will not lead to anything good. In fact, when they isolate the people of Karabakh, the consequences are heavy. Azerbaijan and Russia have experienced this in the 1990s.

In the meantime, according to the Armenian mass media, after “closing” the Karabakh issue in Yerevan Lavrov visited Don Pipo’s brother. According to the press, there was deer on the table.